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Our Flavours

All our flavours are available as cupcakes, celebration cakes and tray bakes. They can be layered, filled and iced how ever your heart desires.
New flavours are added all the time, please look out for seasonal specials!

The classic, rich vanilla sponge topped with vanilla icing and the prettiest sprinkles. Equally, or some may say even more, delicious with chocolate fudge or white chocolate icing.
Chocolate Chunk
Moist chocolate sponge heaving with chunks of real milk chocolate and topped with soft chocolate fudge icing or our delicious white chocolate icing.
Chocolate Orange
Moist chocolate sponge packed with chocolate orange, these look fabulous with our vanilla icing and a chocolate orange segment on top!
Mint Choc Chip
Crunchy mint pieces fill this chocolate sponge, topped with your choice of chocolate or mint icing.
White Chocolate Mocha
Richly flavoured with real espresso and topped with white chocolate our mocha cupcakes are the perfect elevenses.
Flavoured with lemon zest, drizzled with a luscious lemon syrup and topped off with refreshing lemon icing. Or if you are feeling decadent we adore this with our white chocolate icing.
Coconut Lime
Fragrant coconut sponge, soaked in lime syrup for added zing. Topped with tangy lime or creamy coconut icing this is a tropical delight.
Peanut Butter Caramel
Gorgeous peanut butter cupcakes topped with creamy caramel icing, an optional chocolate drizzle makes this cake even more indulgent.
Light, fluffy cupcakes delicately flavoured with our delightful rose syrup.
Earl Grey
Perfect for tea parties, our earl grey cupcakes are equally delicious with lemon or orange zest icing.

If cake and icing isn’t indulgent enough for you, fillings are available for all our cupcakes – rich chocolate, luscious lemon cream, dulce de leche toffee or smooth vanilla custard can be mixed and matched with your favourite cake and icing combo to add extra luxury (and just a few more calories). Available in standard size cupcakes for a little extra or as standard with our large party cakes.

Bespoke Cupcakes
Fancy something a little more exotic? Try our extra special flavours for your parties or special occasions and keep an eye out for our seasonal specials. We are developing, and of course taste testing, flavours all the time and are always happy to create a new recipe for your pleasure. Our kitchen is bursting at the seams with nuts, spices, fruits, teas, herbs, flower waters and other delights to flavour and fragrance cupcakes.

Our Prices


Regular Cupcakes per dozen
With sprinkles/glitter £20
With simple handmade decorations £25
With intricate handmade decorations £30

Mini Cupcakes per dozen
with sprinkles £8
with handmade decorations £10
With intricate handmade decorations £12

Large Cakes

Tray bakes from £7.50
9 " plainly iced with ribbon £25
9 " with handmade decorations from £30
9 " with handmade topper from £30

Customised celebration and character cakes from £30


Wrapped in cellophane 1 large single, 2 medium size or 5 minis
Plainy iced in rolled buttercream £2 each
Embossed or stamped with a message £2.50 each
With intricate decorations from £3 each
add a ribbon & name tag for 25p


From £1 per head

Please contact us to discuss your requirements


Sweet Sugar Sixpence are proud to not charge a mark up on our regular prices for weddings. If you wish to use our bespoke service please get in touch and will provide a quote once we have finalised your ideas.

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