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At Sweet Sugar Sixpence HQ (my kitchen), life is all about creating the perfect cupcakes, sweets and biscuits for you. Everything I make is created from scratch using the best ingredients for the job. Whether you choose to give me creative free reign or work with me every step of the way that's up to you, it is really important to me that my creations delight you and your guests.

If you'd like to hear what customers have to say about SSS, then check out the 'contact' page for some testimonials.

I don't just love baking, I love parties and weddings too and I will never tire of hearing about your events! If you need any guidance with other elements of your big day, be it a birthday party, product launch party or wedding, then please ask. I'll be happy to help with ideas, themes, decorations and of course food ideas!

For regular insights into what I'm creating and loving in the party world then please join us on facebook. The Sweet Sugar Sixpence facebook page also has links to my recommended suppliers and all the latest info on events and giveaways. Of course my favourite thing about the facebook page is that I get to 'meet' the people interested in my wares!

I hope you'll enjoy browsing the site, I'd love to hear what you think of it

Claire x

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