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science-cake SSS

Let's Do Science!

Birthday cake for a 12 year old boy, who is a big science geek.

We love geeks.


Can you tell we HEART traingles.

Motifs are our life.

Cupcakes don't have to be vintage or twee.

In fact, we forbid it.

traingle-cakes SSS

Viva Las Vegas.

Baking and making cakes for grown ups is my life.

I love it.

My work feels like playing sometimes.

blog-black Let's do science! Vegas baby! Cool cupcakes
Autumn-Cosy-Luxe-Yorkshire-Wedding-Styled-Photography (6 of 20)

A truly romantic wedding cake for all things autumnal.

It made me want to curl up by a fire and...

eat cake!


Why have one birthday cake when you can have three!?

A 6 year olds birthday cake, with yummy cakes, cake pops.

And Sweet Sugar Sixpence party planning!

SSS Hatsfest-birthday-cakes pirate-birthday-cake

Arr there!

I spy a pirate birthday cake!

Stripy with a skull. What's not to love?!


Naked wedding cakes.

Start as you mean to go on!

SSS naked-wedding-cake

Naming day, christening,

Baptism, whatever you call it, I can make the cake!

SSS nautical-naming-day-cake For keeps. Arr there! Hats fest Naked weddings
Cakes ahoy!

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